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NYC pension funds may sell $18 million in gun-related stocks

Cerberus to Sell Gunmaker After US School Shooting

My text:

Knowledge is power bro. This is your investment opportunity. Guns sales sure will rise, no brainer there, it's common after mass shooting. But the real question is what do you believe. Will there be a legislative change for stricter gun control (which will be difficult, ppl go easy way out, meaning no change) - if there is stricter gun control laws then initially sales maybe high but long term wise it is insignificant and market looks at long term outlook, in a short term trading if that makes any sense lol.

Moreover, if there are institutional selling, then how will the stock move? Regardless of the performance of the company, it is the demands of buying and selling stocks that moves a stock price, not the company's product sales volume.. (look at apple lately). If institutions are dumping, the wave is against you....pennies from retail is not gonna stop the slide despite what you may believe.

Having said all that... market actions are typically knee jerking.... Over long term, everything will balance out and it is the fundamentals that will dictate stock price. Therefore, this is the perfect buying opportunity for you, if you think strongly about these companies.

Go right ahead.. pour all your money in. I don't think you will get any better opportunity.

But in life money is not everything, there are social responsibilities.... therefore, personally, I wouldn't touch these stock even if they given it to me at a level that makes sense (which is not far off)...technical analysis wise.
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