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Originally Posted by nadim 98
What pipeline? to hve a pipeline, you need to "polish" it every now and than. we don't even do that and we expect us to have a strong pipe--line?

We should open a thread for SLA pipeline, coz that was our past, present and will be our future. so stop wasting time bowling fast and working hard for it. start bowling SLA and you will earn alot in life and will get a team in BPl too.

Outside the NAT team, apart from Al Amin(just), Alauddin Babu, Mahbubul Alam and SRK none of the pacers got a team in the bpl.

Missed out players:
2) Talha
3) Sajedul
4) Dollar
5) Kazi Kamrul
6) Kamrul Rabbi
7) Abu Jayed
8) D. Sabbir
...and many more!!!!

Now compare that with bunch of unknown SLA'er, they just didn't got a team, but also went for plenty of $$$$$. Whereas, nobody even bothered to bid of 10k for any of the pacers outside the nats team
Spot on, this sums up why our pace pipeline is one of the worst in the world even considering those teams below us. The way they got ignored by BPL teams is simply unacceptable and not good for the future of BD at all
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