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I see BPL is the consumer of the stuff that is comming out from the pipe, i.e. its at the end of the pipeline.

A consumer (in this case BPL) will not accept bad or unfininshed product or the product that will not give value that they are getting now (not for future) for the price they are paying. if they are not ahppy with the product comming out of the pipeline, they will go for other product (spinners, military Fb with batting power, foreign FBs).

Therefore the problem is not at this end of the pipeline, the problem is in the pipeline or at the begining of the pipeline (bad raw material). Yes good FB pitch can create the demand of FBs, but we need to go further to solve the root cause of the problem which may be failing to pick the right raw FB talent and failing to develop them in the pipeline.

Also please keep in mind, the type of player in demand for T20 is different than type of players that is needed for ODi or TeST.... unless you are very good and economical and establsihed as a specialized FB, you will be ignored in T20 format by franchised team management, where not BCB, but team owner/management select the team.
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