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Watched a few movies and documentaries lately

1. Catfish (IMDB|Rotten Tomatoes)

My reaction after watching this movie is, . It's just a sad story but tells us the dangers of online dating. A gripping story!

2. Indie Game: The Movie (IMDB|Rotten Tomatoes)

This movie is about indie game developers, whose passion for connecting with the world is through games and tells the hardship about the whole DIY thing and the hurdles and sacrifices they've to make for the career they've chosen.

3. Safety Not Guaranteed (IMDB|Rotten Tomatoes)

This is a good movie, which tells us about people who are lonely and are in want of someone to find peace and comfort while taking that leap based on a trust.

4. The Words (IMDB|Rotten Tomatoes)

The less I talk about this movie, the better. It's about a struggling author who steals and publishes a story from an unknown author and is later confronted by the original author.
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