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Few of the movies I've seen recently:

TED: Funny little movie I must say. Didnt have much expectation and so turned out to be an enjoyable one. More suited for male 21-26 but still a good light hearted 1.5 hours. ofcourse Mila Kunis helps. 6.5/10

ARGO: Intense and captivating, Ben Affleck was brilliant both as Director and Actor.
It was good to go back in time where technology, or rather lack of it, made all the difference.

TOTAL RECALL : Kate Beckinsale was probably the highlight of the whole movie. The rest is nothing to write about. Colin Farrell is no Arnie. 5/10

SKYFALL : Watched it at theaters, thanks to Cineplex who had earliest ever release of a Hollywood blockbuster in Bangladesh. The movie was released a mere 20 todays within its first release in US market so a different experience for us Dhakaites.
Loved the movie. Definitely not the Bond you would have expected but its worth it.

LOOPER : Just started watching the other day, but couldnt finish. Will have to rewatch the whole thing from the beginning but looking forward to it.
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