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Originally Posted by Gowza
well sri lanka produce ok fast bowlers with a stand out every now and then. pakistan went through a bit of a golden period imo, they still produce a couple of decent quicks but not to the quality or quantity of aus, SA and eng. NZ as others produces decent quicks consistently but they don't often produce top shelf quicks. WI are just below the top 3 of aus, SA and eng mainly because of their last 7 or so years of pacers not being that great. india has produced very few quality fast bowlers also. zimbabwe had heath streak.

really sri lanka have only produced vaas and malinga, kuli is decent but not top shelf, and malinga due to body issues can't really play tests so it's tough to put him right up there though he really is quality it's just if you compare him to true greats they're great in all formats and his body breakdown unfortunately doesn't allow him to prove it on the test match park.

pakistsn has had imran, wasim and waqar who are all top shelf. shoaib etc are really good but still there are just a handful of those it's not like pakistan produces top shelf fast bowler left and right, look at their current attack.

NZ has hadlee, bond, and a handful of decent ones.

WI has produced tons of top shelf fast bowlers, though not so many recently.

india have had dev and nissar was talked to be really good. zaheer is decent but there aren't many others.

zimbabwe as said had streak and not really anyone else yet.

aus, SA and eng each have a boat load of quality fast bowlers over their history.

basically in terms of how regular nations produce top quality quicks you'd have:

south africa


sri lanka



the only reason BD aren't grouped with india and zimbabwe is because they haven't got any true great fast bowlers yet, if they had 1 then they'd been in with india and zimbabwe
Maybe its my bias against what is largely unseen to me. But I don't see what the hype about Vaas was. Sure he took 4 wickets in an over against possibly the worst side to ever play in a cricket world cup. But look at his test strike rate, it was very mediocre. Malinga's has a top shelf strike and a decent average, although I will admit even Malinga doesn't impress me much. Vaas is good, but I think he's made to look that much better because SL haven't had anyone else. In fact, I think his contemporary Srinath was at least as good and I'd actually take him over Vaas because he had height and genuine pace. I think Zaheer (in his prime from about 2006-2010) was more than decent. Not top shelf, but very good. Same with Streak.
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