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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Maybe its my bias against what is largely unseen to me. But I don't see what the hype about Vaas was. Sure he took 4 wickets in an over against possibly the worst side to ever play in a cricket world cup. But look at his test strike rate, it was very mediocre. Malinga's has a top shelf strike and a decent average, although I will admit even Malinga doesn't impress me much. Vaas is good, but I think he's made to look that much better because SL haven't had anyone else. In fact, I think his contemporary Srinath was at least as good and I'd actually take him over Vaas because he had height and genuine pace. I think Zaheer (in his prime from about 2006-2010) was more than decent. Not top shelf, but very good. Same with Streak.
i agree, vaas tends to be overhyped. but i think because he bowled a lot in sri lanka and people tend to think those pitches are no good for fast bowling he gets given more credit than someone else that has his sort of record. i agree zaheer has hit a peak of being more than decent, he's what i'd call a solid prospect.
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