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Originally Posted by Nasif
My 2c on Hobbit (c/p from my fb status)

Saw it on IMAX 3d today, loved it. It's not over the top kind of 3d where things pop at you right and left. It's enough to strengthen the experience. I would suggest if plan to watch then try for the IMAX version; just the 15 mins star trek special clip (releasing on may 2013) is worth it all! It's only shown on IMAX version.

I wasn't sure which version they were playing 48fps or 24fps; but 3d was definitely the way to go. Loved the storytelling. Not sure whats wrong with some of the critics who were complaining for slow pace and drawn out screenplay. Even the addition/small changes to the original seemed very genuine.

Loved the Misty Mountain track and the background score. Howard Shore is just too good! And gollum is much more detailed, preciousssss.

Don't miss it if you are fan of lotr or fantasy genre in general.
you spoke my mind. Looked amazing in IMAX 3D and Star Trek looks to be a really good film too
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