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Originally Posted by One World
Dear KP Bhai,

AFAIK, guitarists in BD never cared for creating tabs the way it is done for each and every number in US/UK/AUS or also Japan. But you can definitely find the "shorolipi" in books for those you mentioned. The easiest way would be to play the song in harmonium from the book, replace it into keyboards or if you are enough familiar then even from harmonium you can find out the relevant chords for the guitar. As soon you have the progression on guitar, you can start improvising them to create your own tabs. It may sound a lot of work but actually for a musician it would be very easy and also a lot of fun.

Many thanks my friend.
I don't know if Sreejon could do it or not, but would certainly give a try.

Sreejon chcchi gave the name!
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