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Originally Posted by Kabir
Does anyone know of an iPhone app that allows you to download music from YouTube directly into mp3 format into your phone?
I don't think anything like that exists. Another reason why I love android phones. Loads of free apps that lets you download mp3's directly to your phone's music player.

I know of a different way to go around it but takes a lot of time and I don't know if it still works. You have to install 'download manager lite' on your iphone. Than open that app and it should direct you to google. You have to go to youtube find the link of the song you want to download, make sure you get the link from the desktop version and not the mobile version. After that you go to this website called (or something similar to that not 100% sure). You paste the link and convert it to mp3, after its done they will give you a download link and than you can download it to your phone.

You are probably just better off doing the conversion on your computer and than put it on your phone.
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