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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
80 ODIs after 07 world cup is not that many at all, esp when you factor out the 11 WC and AC you're left with 65 or so matches. India have probably played 200 ODIs or more in that time span.
Dhoni played roughly 150 ODI games after 2007 WC. So Sachin played over 50% of the games Dhoni's played in. How exactly is that virtual retirement? If Dhoni's played in about 150 ODIs that means at best India played 170 ODI's during that time span, not 200, that's including WC games and Asia cup.

Where exactly are you trying to go with this? Just because Tendulkar didn't play every single ODI's in that time span doesn't mean he retired. Some of his best innings came after WC 2007, including the first double hundred in the ODI history and that 175 against Australia. It's a given fact that he reduced the number of games significantly after the 2007 in order to pro long his career and play WC 2011 at his home.
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