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Originally Posted by BANFAN
I'm sure you didn't understand the game yet.....

He is the pace bowling I'm only interested to see the result of his coaching with the pace bowling..... Don't mix up with test match/thin air/positive attitude and cook a khichuri to give him a escape route..... Show me the result of pace bowling coach in last two years.

...and instead of doing and talking about the job he had been entrusted for last two years....he is talking about something to get a HC you get the game mate? And you can see, who is talking from the cozy armchair?? I agree it's easier said than done.....SJ has proven as the pace bowling coach, he can do nothing.... We are going all out to promote him to HC for his failure to perform as the pace bowling coach??
mate, dump the attitude. our bowlers bowled very well in 2012, with the asia cup wins, win V windies etc.
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