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Originally Posted by Sir Humayun
can you explain your version little bit more because you used self-knowledge twice once for God and another for us so do you believe in some aspects god is like us (Naozubillah), because what I think....anyway it doesn't matter........
Where do you think we get our thirst from? It does matter. Self knowledge makes total sense - because if everything is Existence (and it is) - then who do you know? Who is to be known and by whom? Who else is there to be known? Isn't that the very foundation of Ahadiya (Oneness - the foundation of hu allahu ahad)? You are both the known and the knower. The kalima is not just a phrase - the ahad is inseperable - total Existence is Ahad. That includes you. The kalima is both a negation (La) and an affirmation (Is - hu) - within that negation and affirmation is the truth. In Persian Mysticism - Haasti Haast Nisti Nist.

As for increasing patience - enjoy the moment. "Listen to the drab and dreary - for they too have their story to tell."
Infinite Patience Brings about Immediate Results - Confucius.

You wanted a personal quantum theory.

Gotta break some icons/idols to come to the truth.

PS: Once knower=known or observer=observed; uncertainty principle is gone! Heisenberg is dead! Which is funny, because the Sufi goal is to die before you die. Funny because I came to a new realization myself.
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