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Originally Posted by One World

Why are you mixing up religion and science and also starting the thread about something quantum and then asking primitive big bang questions? I am confused about the motive of this thread.
May be he wanted to open a thread with title " Explain your idea about theories of modern physics" , ended up saying "quantum".

Answers to Y (why) type questions in quantum mechanics never ends unless you bring big bang theory to explain and conclude, religious questions came naturally to everyone's mind when Hawkings (the possessed guy) wrote his most recent book and said "existence of God and afterlife are fairytales" .

Let me try to write Shishuder Physics.

Classical mechanics (for example, Newtons laws) was only good enough to explain world around us that we can see in nacked eyes.

But once science developed and we started to see microscopic (eg. sub atomic particles) and macroscopic world (galaxies, blackholes etc), newtonian mechanics failed explain those.

So quantum physics tried to explain behaviors of subatomic particles and there is another part of modern physics that tries to explain macroscopic world with theories like "theory of relativity" ,"time dialation" etc.

Please note, so far,there is no single theory in this modern world that can explain everything.

We found a guy along the way named Einstein. Who believed in instincts, he was so successful in that, his biggest dream was to make one single theory that will be "theory of everything" and combine quantum and relativity theories.

However, Einstein didn't live enough to complete his dream.
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