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Originally Posted by shakibrulz
Um no. You can get tons through slogging ala Gayle. Tamim is no slogger although he does slog once in a while, but Zia is. Sheer power and hand eye co-ordination. And that aint a bad thing at all, of course. You don't need him in tests now IMO (he could make a strong case if consistent though), but is a must in ODIs.
By what definition Tamim is not a slogger and Gayle and Zia is, can you explain a bit more? Unless its just a logicless belief...

If Gayle and Zia is sheer hand eye coordination, so is TI, I don't see his foot moving, unless stepping out of the crease (Cause of many of his demise) ...that's done by both Gayle and Zia.... An aggressive bats man is not necessary a slogger... Gayle and Zia has shown much more patience when needed unlike TI....who only knows one way of batting....

You may like to read Boka's analysis for Zia...and I don't probably need to talk about Gayle...
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