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Originally Posted by BANFAN
By what definition Tamim is not a slogger and Gayle and Zia is, can you explain a bit more? Unless its just a logicless belief...

If Gayle and Zia is sheer hand eye coordination, so is TI, I don't see his foot moving, unless stepping out of the crease (Cause of many of his demise) ...that's done by both Gayle and Zia.... An aggressive bats man is not necessary a slogger... Gayle and Zia has shown much more patience when needed unlike TI....who only knows one way of batting....
Tamim scores most of his runs through proper cricketing shots, there is the left handers elegance to the shots he execute. He does slog once in a while but does not rely on power.
Gayle and Zia relies on brute force and power. If you watched cricket long enough u should know/see the difference, its not that hard...
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