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Originally Posted by MyRoom
@brockley: But teams like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India etc are not much different who also badly struggle against the top 3 teams now. What's the purpose of Cricket? because it seems restricted to a few countries such a weird sport and the way it is operated because in other sports i.e. Football which almost every country plays, you see a top team like Germany taking on a weaker team like Estonia all the time. A Germany v Estonia of Football is equivalent to i.e. South Africa v Fiji of a Cricket match. Hardly any countries play test Cricket no wonder crowds are dimmed with same boring old repeated matches. The coming back to back ashes series will destroy test Cricket.
Well from neutral point of view, no one wants to see a weak team playing 4/5 days of cricket. It's just not interesting. But if teams like Sri lanka can get 3 test series then we should be able to manage atleast 2. But then against atleast Sri lanka have won some tests in the past, we can't even win at home.
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