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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
You 'rate him' but obviously you dont think he was good enough at his prime. He was the saviour in the Bangladesh team when things were tough. Im actually disgusted by people questioning Rafique's ability. Shakib has a batting average of 35. Does it mean that he is not good enough to play for any team? You seem like Rafique got spanked around because you are saying he isnt 'good enough' but averages dont tell the whole story. Just because he had an average of 40 in tests doesnt mean he wasnt good enough. To paint the whole picture in tests Rafique has an economy rate of 2.79. He was renowned for keeping things quiet and was very accurate with his bowling. If you actually watched him play you would understand what context he played in and how he delivered.

People may not like this but Rafique at his prime is a better bowler than Shakib at his best. Shakib has gotten international attention through IPL but unfortunately Rafique didnt get the same. Please if you are questioning his worth then instead of looking at the 'test' section of cricinfo actually look at his FC, List-A and T20 bowling stats and then you understand that he was a class bowler and is the best spinner that played for Bangladesh.
I rate him - that doesn't mean I overrate him. He's your second best spinner without a shred of doubt. Clearly you're having a hard time grasping the concept of being a fine player and being overrated here. Stop posting strawman arguments please. I do think he's a better bowler than his stats seem to suggest. That's besides the point.

He has played like 7 t20s. And the fact that you're even bringing his test economy rate up makes me

Shakib has a batting average of 35. Does it mean that he is not good enough to play for any team?
He isn't as a batsman alone in most top test teams - any doubts? Throw in his bowling average and he is. And he's not even halfway through his career BTW. Such a false analogy.
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