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Originally Posted by Habib
What is your question about Decans?
EDIT: OK. Found it.
The answer is Decans is technically very limited player with little chance of succeeding at international level. He is the player from our 'dark period' if you know what I mean. Although he is the Tendulkar of our domestic league (Tushar being another), considering his age and our young upcoming prospects, it's better not to include him in our future plans IMO. I think Sohel bhai could shed more light on this.
thankx....thankx a lot......atlast/atleast i have got an answer not sure but may be he is 34 years old now.
I think we should think about our present not our future.I believe that if our present is ok then our future will surely bright.
In test matches if we take experienced like Alok,Tushar,Decans(As they r in form otherwise no need to play with experienced like Ash-fool,Nafees etc.) then they will make the way for our future......they can play max 3 years and then our young guns will be prepared enough for playing test matches and we will find many options there in our domestic level where we r lacking now.

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