Thread: Is T20 rubbish?
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those who don't enjoy test cricket must not be able to see the true test and battles that occur during the match. battle between batsman and bowler in a test match can be a lot more intense than any you'll see in a LOI. just look up some old matches on youtube, there is a particularly great video with allan donald bowling to steve waugh, and tons of video's showing batsmen battle against the WI greats and also imran, waqar and wasim. the problem is bowling quality has decreased since LOIs have become more popular. as you can see in t20s spinners most of the time just dart it in, happens a b it in ODIs now to because spinners have found that to be effective in the shorter formats, in tests however a spinner needs more flight, turn, and guile. test match cricket is for players and fans who enjoy a battle and like trying to out think an opponent.

all 3 formats have their place, just because you don't like one format as much as the others you shouldn't bad mouth them, a true cricket fan would know the differences between the formats and respect it.
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