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Default Economics of Bangladesh Cricket

Can anyone point me to any research / study done on the economics of Cricket in Bangladesh?

There seems to be several types of cricket being played in the country. I want to understand how money plays a role in various levels of cricket. Here are the levels;

1) National Cricket : BCB has a complete monopoly over it. Seems very profitable.

2) BPL: I don't understand the financial structure behind this. I've read reports of clubs losing money and yet spend a whole lot.

3) National Leagues: Who pays for these? Seems like no one makes any money or profit from this.

4) Club Cricket: there seems to be a lot of money available for these clubs - yet not sure where the money gets generated. Is this mostly generated from private donations?

5) Seasonal Tournaments around the country mostly in small towns. Seems to generate a lot of local interest. Big players make "khep"s and make money. Do they play for prize money or is it for just local neighborhood pride and fun?

Any and all insights will be appreciated.
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