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Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

I am keeping an open mind about points, see what others say. Points can be tweaked till the tournament begins - so there is time.

Originally Posted by Awla
Really Nice Job
Some points suggestion:
1. bowling point for 1 wicket: 30/35 (50 seems inappropriate considering 1 run= 1 point)
As Bowlers will be penalised for run conceded, I have set the point per wicket higher.

Originally Posted by Awla
2. batting bonus point for 4 wicket haul: 30 (since 5 wicket haul= 50 bonus points, 4 wicket haul points should be little close to that)
5 wicket haul is a rare feat in in any form particularly in T20, so it should be duly rewarded. The effort needed to get one more extra wicket becomes more difficult when one already has 4 wickets.

Originally Posted by Awla
3. MoT=500 (1000 seems a bit too much)
OK - I will reduce it.

Originally Posted by ReZ_1
Interesting but bit confusing. Well, how many teams one can make? And as said earlier the points are bit biased. However nice to see the initiative.
Since the app is also available on the web, restricting number of teams / user is not feasible. So one can make any number of teams.

EDIT -> I could have for e-mail address or such, but decided to keep it simple. I will only ask for user info (name, e-mail) for the top five teams at the end and if users agree, they will be made published on the app, website and in this forum. <- EDIT

If you have confusion re other point, ask away. I will respond here and also clarify the rules on the app itself.
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