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Originally Posted by betaar
Compared to Tamim's, Ryder's hits were clean. I am not sure if the upload only has Ryder's selective clean hits or not but most of Tamim's shots were more power then technique or timing. He looked pretty ugly in playing most of his shots, especially toward the end of that inning as he was gradually getting tired. .
I agree. Compare to Tamim, Jessie's batting looks elegant. Here are some possible reasons (not excuses). 1) Tamim is not a natural Left Handed person - so his shots takes a lot more effort - like Ganguly 2) Jessie is much bigger and powerful plus have exquisite timing - therefore his shots look effortless. 3) Tamim's strength is hitting when given width. He is not good when you bowl towards his body or at the stumps. therefore his batting looks ugly as his slashes and misses close-to-body balls. (another similarity with Ganguly)

On the other hand, I must say, some of the sixes hit by Jessie will not be approved by our Shamim Chowdhury as he doesn't move his feet at all.
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