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Default What is with the gaga over pakistanis?

I have been hearing a lot of comments like: "Without pakistanis, the BPL will surely fail"

I agree that it is true to a certain extent but the only ones to be blamed is the BPL organizers and franchise owners. Had all the money had been cleared, i am pretty sure that veterans like gibbs, styris, murali, hogg would have come back to play in BPL, while many other prospects like jesse ryder, colin ingram, de lange, lumb would have put their had up for playing in BPL and so the owners would have a lot more options.

Another thing i dont understand is why the owners are investing so much on unknown pakistani players like azeem ghumman, zulfiqur babar, when players like trego, nannes, yasir arafat, cameron borgas were unsold?

If Pakistan players dont play, then let the BPL fail. Everyone involved are to be blamed and they deserve it.
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