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Originally Posted by cricheart
BD is a good market for them. PCB was never in a position to burgain a tour for BPL. Lota knew this from the start, so he keeps promising false hope to Zaka and this whole issue is dragged upto here. Both tried to use each other there, had their fun. Time to move on. Despite the drama with the tour over Pakistan, I'll still consider them as friendlier cricket board than others towards Bangladesh. Few points are fact here-
  • Overall Pakistani players are cheap
  • A good number tv viewers in foreign there, who aint happy to watch only one (Azhar Mahmood) of their representatives in IPL.
  • Better t20 player than others
  • In general BD supporters are more devoted towards Muslim performers (known/uknown)
  • BCB is always more caring to them in terms of 1st to be served for like payment and such.
Good point. But i think we are ignoring other foreign players like trego, chanderpaul, mascarenhas, nannes who can be quite useful
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