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Originally Posted by ReZ_1
These leagues are just like eye catchers, at the end of the day i wonder if win does matter more than just a win, the owners who finance the teams looks at it just like their other odd businesses, if you can get the celebs in your game you can earn more than if you win. as ssaid earlier pakistani players are a combo of both fan catcher and match winner.
true that, but if you want to do good business you need to have a good team as well. Dhaka has just 1 pakistani players, CTG,rajshahi and sylhet has just 3. Rangpur and Khulna are overloaded with pakistanis. They should have added players from australia/england who would have added to the quality of the teams

to be honest, everyone of my friends and myself, have no interest to go to Khulna and rangpur games because they are crap. With such weak sides you dont expect them to win many.
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