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"gibbs, styris, murali, hogg would have come back to play in BPL" ...
what? Who cares in the 98% who go to watch at stadiums in Bangladesh about these people? I mean 98% of country can relate to Pakistanis better than these people with whom you cannot relate to at a human level.

Don't be one of the 2% and resort to Cricketing Intellectualism and say oh I know these guys and the rest of the Country follows. Nope - the masses do not even care who Hogg is - but they sure know who Afridi is.

Resorting to names of "westerners" (as per the Bangladeshi 98% point of view) is cricketing intellectualism - good for the scholarly articles - but not for the box-office.

And SL cricket was never "sexy" - Pakistan cricket is and was - relate-able - skilled - and yes damn good showmanship.

"Let the BPL Fail" - if that is the premise - then why bother at all? Profit = Returns-Investment. Simple.
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