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My two cents:

I think the title itself is a big misnomer as its technically not Dhaka's first bus map but at the same time, if successful it'll be more detailed than any currently existing that I have seen, as it will also cover the multifarious private bus operators that ply Dhaka's streets rather than just government services.

I agree with their assertion that rapid motorisation in Dhaka needs to be stemmed (was the figure of 1% car owners surprising? I thought it was a bit low but the roads in Dhaka are awfully narrow) and bus services need to be improved but I'm a bit wary of their idea of crowd surfing (or what they affectionately call flocksourcing) as I feel that it renders such a map vulnerable to a lot of uncertainties. Plus, their 'local staff' consists of volunteers from Kewkradong - who are not urban planners or transport experts but rather an organisation that involves Bangladeshi youth in 'outdoorsy' activities like trekking, rafting, etc. So, it seems a bit random.
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