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Originally Posted by Gowza
i like how they've done it this year, perform in the NCL and you'll get to play BCL, but if you don't then you probably won't get a spot. i don't think 4 FC teams are enough to sustain a test nation so yes it dilutes the quality but it's important to have a good amount of players getting FC experience in the 4-day game.

it will improve quality because the players on the fringes of the BCL will have to work harder and perform better if they want to hold their BCL spot. players who didn't make it into the BCL this year, next year they will work harder in the NCL to try and take a BCL spot.
Agreed with you. This year full season is goin well so far. 8 team F C followed by 4 team F C league. They can not scrap N C L. N C L accommodates around only 110-120 F C players. Where as India Srilanka have 500+ and Pakistan have 800+FC player accommodating tourney.
But B C B can make the inter district matches to a 2 day match.
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