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Default FICA warns foreign players about financial irregularities in BPL

"It was financial issues and sub-standard administration. We haven't seen any evidence of financial obligations been adhered to so far for this event," May added. "So unfortunately, we are not brimming with confidence at the moment, even with the change of management of the BPL."

"The financial factors have weighed against these for a number of players who participated last year. They simply don't want to play in an event and worry when or if they are ever going to see any payments from the franchises or BPL.

"The fact that the bank guarantees and deposits that should have already been made, still have not been made, is a very worrying aspect for any player whether he's a domestic player or foreign player."

"Our latest advice to all foreign players is not to travel to Bangladesh until the BPL and its franchises have produced bank guarantees for the entire player payment pool for each team. These were required to be in place by January 7 - these are still not in place," May said.

FICA is busy concerned with players' payment. I wonder is there even any written contract has done yet with BCB and the franchisees or not? Does the franchisees even paid their deposit down payments to BCB?
I recall whole league was happened last year with verbal commitments without any signed contract or bank guarantees. Now, how can BPL organising committe can manage a bank guarantee with fund & everything without ensuring who to catch legally if any dispute arrises, which is very likely to happen again.
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