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Originally Posted by Rubu
Two things:

why give the money to buy weapon from them? Why not just buy weapon from them on credit.

Two, what kind of weapon? Small arms to replace the decade old rifles that police and BDR can actually use or useless heavy ones? We do not need it any of the areas listed in the article.
Who said they are giving the money...they are giving the arms worth that value only and the money will be taken as loan... It's all in paper only...

Bangladesh doesn't need small arms since all those are manufactured in BD, they need only heavy weapons. Still, I think it's useless and more costly to buy from Russia. Since we have a array of weapons and their spares and maintenance system in place for the Chinese weapon, which are also cheaper, they should have gone for china. But AL is politically anti china and their boss ind doesn't recommend Chinese weapon. Where as in future, even ind can be a source of spares for Russian weapons, since India has all the mechanisms for spares and maintenance of Russian weapons. AL is only fooling people by saying that Russia is giving it on credit...China would have also done the same, if they approached china...

On the other hand AL leaders have a better and reliable channel to receive kickbacks from Russia than china....
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