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As a soldier of French Army, I know a little bit usefulness of weapons. Though situation of France and Bangladesh aren't same. France is one of the biggest power in the world and they are always participating wars in different parts of the Globe. But in Bangladesh I think they don't need so many weapons for use. Probably Bangladesh army won't use those arms ever practically except exercise. The situation of Bangladesh we don't have a probability to battle in the field like our neighbours India, Pakistan, China etc. Our armed forces, sometimes, go only some United Nations missions. Those are also to establish peace not to do a war.

So which are our actual needs of weapons. They can buy some modern arms only for training centre where every soldier can be known with modern arms. In case they have to go to participate in the war anywhere it would be a platoon or a unit of soldiers. So they don't need huge amount of arms. Normally those countries who demand our soldiers, will provide weapons also.
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