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Here is another report from Banglavision:

There are more info about the reported deal between bangladesh and india:

A memorandum of understanding was signed on November 30, 2011 to provide transit facility to 96 over-dimensional cargoes (ODCs) which will carry heavy machinery for a 726 Megawatt power plant in Trpura, India. [..] It was decided that India will pay 255 million Bangladeshi Taka to upgrade 49 kms of road by making them 18 meter wide. However, the bridges and culverts on these roads are not able to carry the heavy loads of these ODCs. So besides up-gradation of the road, the Asam Bengal Carrier (ABC) company was awarded a contract to build alternative roads besides those bridges and culverts.
Bangladesh definitely got the shorter end of the stick I cannot comprehend how the govt can strike such deal without getting adequate compensation for people who are affected by this man-made disaster.

PS: I believe the dam was in process of being removed in 2012, since there is not much coverage of this issue after Jan 2012.
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