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Originally Posted by BANFAN
But a Nuclear power plant of only 1000 MW it worth taking the risk, since it will only be eye wash and we will still remain deficient on electricity...atleast 5000 MW in 2020 could have kept us sound for 5/10 years. Even we have financial constraints...still we have to any way meet our need for electricity.

Given 4 years back our overall output was around 4400MW makes 1000 MW an increase in capacity by 25% approx... The only reason i am quoting 4 year old figure is because most new power plants are rental power plants which run on expensive imported fuel.

Nuclear power plant is the only option we have for future given the cheap source and low pollution.. Nuclear is also safe technology now, Chernobyl will never happen with the present safety features, Fukushima is also unlikely given bangladesh does not fall in earthquake zone...
3mile island was really not catastrophic, the power plants safety feature did work and shut down the plant the way it was meant to.
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