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Not at the moment. Nonis has said he is only willing to move good young players (Gardiner, Rielly, etc) for other good young players. Only veterans worth anything on our roster are MacArthur/Bozak/Liles. Along with that, Gillis' asking price is ridiculous right now (he wants star player in return ). That contract indeed is atrocious in terms of lenght. With this new CBA, the Leafs can face upto a 2M cap penalty for 3 years if he decides to retire between ages 37-40. Add in the fact that the Canucks are already tight against the cap (the 70 M cap), and will need to clear 6 M (cap drops to 64.8 next year) + sign Edler next offseason, he doesn't have that much value IMO.

He will only get traded here if Gillis accepts something like Bozak/Mac + Colborne + 3rd/2nd IMHO.

I was actually thinking about potential destinations for Perry at the TDD if he doesn't re-sign with Anahiem by then. Pittsburgh seems to be the best fit to me, in terms of needs, available assets, and cap space.

I hope he's a Mama's boy, and wants to come back home to sign the big contract :P
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