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To solve a problem first you need to find out that there is one. And islam is doing the right thing. By criticizing BCB hes actually putting pressure on them to not to do the mistakes again. Last time BCB said first BPL so we were unprepared but we have learnt from the mistakes and we wont do the same mistakes next time. now look at BPL2. its 10 times worse than first edition. yes we want our tournament to be successful but the people in charge not going professionaly about it. its every journalist's duty to find out their mistakes and put pressure on them. you cant take a million dollar tournament lightly and get away with it. BPL2 so far is a joke and deserve to be criticized, if we see good cricket when tournament begins i am sure islam will write good things about it but if theres payment issue again i expect islam or any bangladeshi journalist for that matter to be vocal against BCB and BPL. we should learn to criticize ourselves otherwise we will never go ahead.
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