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Originally Posted by Vepu
atm we should less concentrate on what people saying about us and focus on making BPL2 a success. like encourage ur friends and the people you know to go to stadium. many fb pages cursing pcb and pakistan but yet to see a campaign like lets go to stadium or join us and make bpl a success.
Exactly. BD fans got what we wanted, and from their reaction seems like Pak fans got what they wanted. So everyone should be happy, just leave it at that and let's focus on BPL. Despite not having any Pak players (well except Azhar) I'm sure people in Pakistan will follow BPL just so that they can talk crap on every small things that go wrong.

I think if we can pull off a somewhat successful BPL this year, we will get a lot more international players next season. Don't forget we are hosting the T20 WC in 2014, a lot of young players might decide to take this opportunity and get familiar with the condition.
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