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Originally Posted by One World
Seems Matribhasha joined Isam's club. Most BD fans who are showing excessive zealot over the fact that PCB not letting Pak players get NOC's are probably pissed by the too much arrogant reaction of Zaka and few of their fans who are relentlessly posting negative comments about BD cricket. Constructive criticism is one thing, but bullying and showing exaggerated hatred is another. Cricinfo articles are full of such comments which are direct insults and full of nationalistic repugnance. I wonder why CI allowing those to pass through and open online. Hope they had and buttons for each comments like yahoo. Comparing BD cricket with the associates, undermining and questioning test status, old debate on top-tier and "minnow" bashing - those actually reveal what they truly think about our cricket. But look at the tweets from their top players. They wanted to participate and make a mark to prove their potential for other similar leagues. After all the controversy, so far most international first class players are willing to give it a go. I do not think ICC or the member countries took this tit for tat from PCB normally and their refusal to comment about it justifies that most parties are disturbed from such foolish decision.

Among all the flip-flopping of messages, unique comment that caught my eye was made by one countryman saying "One BPL made BD so good that they almost won the Asia Cup and also won the home series against WI, now afraid of what a successful BPL-2 could do, both BCCI and PCB are scared."
Yes, I was referring to people like you, no doubt. I want BPL to be even more successful then it is. The more the foreign players, more is its international stamp of approval. These tournamnets are judged ALSO by the amount of foreign FLAVOR. I am focusing on how BCB cana administrate better, how to make BPL better, and we can bang heads with foreign players from any of the top tier nations. Your focus is Pakistan...your love for it or hate for it. I don't knwo and neither do I care.
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