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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Pakistan is a stronger team but BCB is much much richer board than PCB...This may change in future given the promise of PSL but atleast your claim is false for now...
It is silly to say BCB has more money than PCB. How do we know that? PCB might have less savings but they definitely make more than BCB. Just look at the number of games they play each year and with big name sponsors like Pepsi they are bound to make a whole lot more. Now only reason they could have less savings is due to corruption. They are probably tied with more spot fixers network than anyone else, making their officials earn even more, at least individually.

They will get money, somehow someway, they are close to middle eastern sheiks and they love gambling. If you have not figure this out as what really goes behind the scene of these glamorous tournament like IPL, then I have nothing else to say. One word: Vegas. Next word: Money. You fill up the blanks.
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