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Originally Posted by BANFAN
There is no doubt that we need to go for Neuclear power generation and it's safe and clean too. Although the potential risk factor, in case of a disaster is bigger. My point is, if we are taking a risk, why not make it worth taking the risk, but making a reasonable size in terms of output.

According to government plan, they need to generate another 5000 MW in next 6 years. And all sorts of corruption and mismanagement is going on with those, like rental, contracts without even a tenders etc etc..... SEE NEWS

@OW, You probably told the actual things what's going to happen...
I give you an insight of Bangladesh's Nuclear Power Programme and Power Gerneration Expanision planning.

bangladesh has developed a power system master plan or PSMP (BPDB, PGCB, Power Division and Japanese consultant developed it), where they have studied the demand forecast upto 2013, the avilabilty of sources of fuel, their reserve etc etc.

according to the PSMP in 2015 BD will require 11,500 MW, in 2020 bd will require 20000 MW and in 2030 BD will require 30000 MW electricity.

again as different fuel availbilty and future scenarios have been analyzed the energy mix for future has also been anlyzed for the period upto 2030

now lets consider the nuclear share. according to PSMP, it is advised that BD introduces 2000 MW of Nuclear power around 2020~2022 period and further 2000-3000 MW in 2025~2030.

so by 2030 BD may have 5000 MW of nuclear power.

so in that view the present govt have initiated the activities to establishh 2000 MW of nuclear power by 2021 and an IGA (inter governmental agreement) was signed with russian federation in november 2011 regarding construction of 2 units of 1000 MW, i.e is a total of 2000 MW.

now there are some limitations of the max capacity of a single unit a GRID system of a country can have depending on the GRID capacity of the network. because when that largest unit will suddenly shutdown it may create instability in the network. thats why before 2022 we cant introduce a unit larger that 1000 MW. after 2022 it may be allowed that a 1500 MW unit can be introduced to the grid.

Rooppur, Pabna, beside harding bridge has already been identified as the site for this 2000 MW plant of two units.

the 500M loan grant will cover all pre-construction feasibilty studies including site specific engg and environmental studies and preparatory activites for construction, detailed designing of plant, identification of infrastructure development needs, human resource development needs etc etc.

after feasibilty studies have been completed the the amount needed for construction of plant will be finalized and another loan deal will be signed. and MOU in this regard has also been signed during this visit of PM. the cost may be around 4-6 billion US dollrs depending on safety features we require once we analyze the geology, morphology, hydrology, topography etc etc of Rooppur Site.

if everything goes smoothly the engg and env studies and feasibility study will take 12-18 month and then we will know whats the total project cost. then the designing and site preparation may take another 12-18 months and then we may be ready for construction for the first unit. so the construction may start within 2-3 years. and it will take around 6 years. so within 8 to-9 years from now i.e 2021-2022 the first unit of 1000 MW may be in operation. the construction of second will start just after one year of the start of the first unit. so it may be in operation one year after the first one.

so may be by 2023 two units of nuclear power of about 200 MW will be introduced. u may hear our minister tell that the 2000 MW will be ready by 2020 or 2021, but that is over ambitious and political strtement as AL have that vision 2021.

also when the feasibilty study will be completed we will also learn whether it will be possible to construct two further units at Rooppur or not. if yes the we may continue with Russia for the further two units. but if not, we may look for new potential sites and we may then continue with russia or look for another vendor (may be korea).

i hope the above information will be useful for you. if u (or anybody else in BC FORUM)still have queries you can ask, i will try to answer you.

we may also move our discussion to the following thread we already had some discussion previously

Dhaka, Moscow set to ink nuke energy deal
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