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Originally Posted by reyme
Pakistan played 5 times more ODI, Tests than BD. they have brand name sponsors. They have multiple TV channels. They played all the top nations last year. Why they would make less than BCB I don't know. And if PSL takes off they will make a lot more. BPL teams were bought for $1 Million. SL teams were bought for $5 M each. And if IPL can be bought for $300 M each, I don't see why PSL teams won't be bought anything less than $10 Million.

How BCB can still be richer than PCB I don't understand...
-5 times more ODI outside your country doesnt generate the same revenue
-No one's got multiple TV channels (God knows what u mean by that
-Everyones got brand name sponsor (boom boom or CA is not really a great brand tbh), Pepsi maybe..

Also if PCB was that rich they would pay their players a lot more than 35 dollars as match fee...
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