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Originally Posted by al-Sagar
currently in BD if u consider source of fuel

Coal 3.91 %
F.Oil 1.72 %
Gas 74.84 %
HFO 5.25 %
HSD 10.68 %
Hydro 3.6 %

in future it is targeted that nuclear will be around 10%, coal will have a huge share like 40-60 %, gas will decrease to about 30-40%, and also there are plans of about 10% of cross-border import from india.

so basically our gas reserve in decreasing, unless we find some new sources, so it very important that the coal based plants gets the go. other wise we are doomed
I have a question not so much related to this thread- what will happen when our supply of natural gas significantly reduces or say we run out? how will we cook and how will we run vehicles as i hear renewable energies are very expensive to produce. And i guess we dont have unlimited stock of coal as well.
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