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Both boards have come off embaressingly!! Anyone thinks international spectators are going to do all the digging to find out who did what since beginning of last year are naive??? All international people are going to see is PCB-BCB showcasing best of the corrupt, back-stabbing, lyin south-asian officials the world already nows existed in asia.

All these statements and counter statements being released by both boards is not helping people forget this highly negative situation. Pakistanis are trying to act like they are happy PCB has done something, Bangalis are acting as if there has been no affect to BPL, There's a lot of false chest banging going on.

I personally have always wanted less pak players since the 1st BPL, as our players need more attention, not the pak players!

todays games our players have been able to step up and be noticed....ashraful and nasirs great batting, abuls 3 wickets etc.

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