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Originally Posted by Moriarty

- Local players lost out on revenue by not getting NOC's, have to wait and see how far the PSL goes in terms of compensation.
- No int'l cricket in Pakistan, have to go back to the drawing board.


- No Pakistani players in BPL, management issues.
- I dont know the long term effects but India + most of the top ranked teams already don't play with BD. If Pakistan goes as well, I dont think its good for your own cricket especially test. So most probably no future series with Bangladesh.- Remains to be seen how successful this years BPL will be w/o star players.
LOL listen to this guy, like pakistan bothers to play with us when they don't need us. I still remember we went to play that 5 odi series (where shakib scored his 2nd 100) when australia pulled out because of security issues. So how can pcb say we don't do any favors for them?

they way you'r saying it is that pakistan is always trying to play a tournament with us. Atleast INDIA say's it straight up, NOT MUCH REVENUS by playing us where as pakistan is FORCING us and BLACKMAILING us. NOT COOL.
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