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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I never understood this song. What is damadam and qalandar. When I was kid, I thought it was date calendar and runa laila is happy for a new year.
Dam is the Farsi word for breath. Damadam is the breathing in and out. Breath is the method for realization in many Tariqa's and also the central method in Yoga. It is the breathing in and out that assimilates one with the divine - "The breathing Unto You" - in the quranic verse 15:29- nafakhtu. (dom in Bengali)
Qalandar is a title given to the Sufis who have attained the highest level of realization.
Shahbaz Qalandar is a sufi born in Iran and died in Pakistan in the 1200s.
Mast is the sufi state of divine assimilation. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Jhule Jhule Lal is also about that saint.
Shahbaz is frequently a sign of a sufi soaring high in Mast assimilated in divine presence and shahbaz is the king of falcons (baj pakhi in Bengali) - frequently a sign of a soaring sufi (Inward journey).

Shahbaz - beautifully explained to me by my Persian friend from Qom - There are some among us that are caught in the turmoil of the storm that is life - and there are some who fly above the storm and look down upon the storm - unperturbed.

Damadam - Compare that to the Zikr of all Zikr's where the Sufi says Allah (while inhaling) Allah (while exhaling) breathing in and out continually - I am sure you have heard it as a child in Bangladesh - longing for the divine assimilation. Try it.

PS: Sorry for the delay - I just saw this post.
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