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Originally Posted by nadim 98
Zia was never a batsman. But Milon is. Milon was always known as the bigger hitter in the country but He is just another victim of bcb as his name is "Nazmul"...

The way Zia was batting yesterday is pathetic if u call him a bat. He always looks for the cow corner even when the ball is like 10miles away from the off stump. Chigu bowled well but if zia used a little bit of brain, he could have hit him for more runs on the off side

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Milon should definately play ahead of Ziaur Rahman, but then again our selectors are different so might stick to Ziaur. I think the selectors made the right call on Nazmul Hossain the bowler, not good enough. if selectors want to keep Zia then they should find a way to have both milon and him play in T20 internationals for BD. Sylhet Royals will give milon the chance to prove himself and he should take it warm heartedly and show how good he is. Lets hope for the best. I want to see milon bat higher though..
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