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really getting annoyed with people now, the ticket price has been reduced to 200TK and if the people can't afford that, well tough luck. how cheap do u want it? compare the price of ticket with other leagues its very cheap, people should start going to the stadium, looks very dull without fans. if people are unable to go to the stadium please move all the match's to sylhet Stadium, the people got a lot of money. seriously##. I find it very dishearting why people can't afford 200 Taka and Dhaka is supposed to be one of the richest city in Bangladesh. Lets just keep fingers crossed for the Khulna people not to disappoint us, Inshallah full house. I heard many say in BC how we going to make the BPL a success, seems all lie at the moment. please don't make BPL as failure, we fans need to wake up, lets all join force and make it a success.
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