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Originally Posted by Shubho
I agree wholeheartedly.

How cheap do people expect tickets to be? Someone suggested 50 taka! Yeah, maybe 30 years ago. These days I see a LOT of people with a LOT of cash in Dhaka and elsewhere spending far more money on useless s*** (like iPhone 5s with LTE capability, when we don't even have proper 3G service in BD). For Goodness sake, people recharge their prepaid Grameenphone/BanglaLink/CityCell mobile phone accounts for less than the price of a BPL ticket. You're telling me they don't want to spend a few bucks to go to the stadium? I think 200 taka is a fair shake.

Now, the bigger problem is that the organizers failed in the marketing efforts. The onus is on the marketing and distribution people to actually make the effort to sell the tickets, not just people to buy them. There was virtually no media buzz in the build-up to the event. If you want to sell out stadiums for a month-long event, you have to generate hype. And, frankly speaking, Game On Sports, BCB and the franchises failed to do that. They have got to start now. Moreover, there was way too much confusion about where one could even purchase the tickets. That's just pathetic.
Suppose, I use an iPhone.That means, my earning or asset is good. So, I might not want to go to the gallery with mass people. What is my next option? At a minimal, it is club house. How much will it cost? 2000! What is the next slab? International gallery. How much will it cost? 3000! Suppose, i dont like to go alone. I want to take 2 of my friends. So, it will cost me 6000 for club house and 9000 for international gallery. I am not even talking about the grand stand. And, yeah, although, I might own an iPhone( that reflects a higher paycheck than usual people ), i might give a thought to go to atmost a single match by consuming 7K (6K ticket, 1K conveyance and food). For the 2nd time? 3rd time? Well, why dont you suggest?
I am not at all surprised to see the empty stands!
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