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Originally Posted by fuadomar
Suppose, I use an iPhone.That means, my earning or asset is good. So, I might not want to go to the gallery with mass people. What is my next option? At a minimal, it is club house. How much will it cost? 2000! What is the next slab? International gallery. How much will it cost? 3000! Suppose, i dont like to go alone. I want to take 2 of my friends. So, it will cost me 6000 for club house and 9000 for international gallery. I am not even talking about the grand stand. And, yeah, although, I might own an iPhone( that reflects a higher paycheck than usual people ), i might give a thought to go to atmost a single match by consuming 7K (6K ticket, 1K conveyance and food). For the 2nd time? 3rd time? Well, why dont you suggest?
I am not at all surprised to see the empty stands!
So how much should iPhone users pay for Club House, International Gallery and Grand Stand tickets?
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