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in my opinion, this should be the team in tests

1. Tamim
2. Imrul/Jaharul
3. Anamul/Jaharul
4. Naeem
5. Shakib
6. Mushfiq
7. Riyad
8. Nasir
9. Shohag
11. Rubel

Putting Gosh is a stupid idea, who ever said we can sacrifice a batsman for a specialist WK hasnt watched us play. Sure Mushy isn't the best, but he is agile and is excellent in running people out, One of the best in the world, his catching and stumpings are slowly improving he is still young, 24, Jaharul is 26, Gosh is 25/26 and bearly averages over 10 in 15 odd test matches if i remember correctly.
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